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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Good News Chronicle Day 8

Spring is finally here! And if you are in Buffalo, that will be good news enough.

On that note, sorry for the hiatus. I had a few exams on Friday, a really busy Saturday, and really just not enough mind space. But I'm back! And I'll try not to let any more gaps seep into my Chronicle.

I've found a truly awesome piece of news today, on what has become one of my favourite sites for good news: An Italian designer has created WarkaWater - 'towers made of bamboo and fabric... to harvest potable water from the evening air.' He was inspired after a visit to Ethiopia, where he saw 'how women and children are forced to walk miles every day for water'. The towers were designed by Arturo Vittori's VittoriLab. They cost approximately $550 each and can harvest 100 litres of water a day.

Sounds too good to be true? Check it out here:
and here:

Ok, so I've been doing this for a week now, and I'd like to know: how are you liking this Chronicle? Also, please, please, please, answer the polls on the sidebar to the right, below the Search bar. If the answer choices aren't visible, let me know and I'll clarify them. I've tried changing the font colour but it hasn't worked. I would really like to know what readers think of the blogging choices I've made.